Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Aylesbury March/April 2018

Meetings for Worship take place in the Meeting House every Sunday at 10.45-11.45am except (usually) the first of the month, when we finish at 11.30 am, so that after a short break for refreshments we can accommodate our Meeting for Worship for Business starting at 12 noon.

*However, please note that since 1st April is Easter Sunday, although there will still be a Meeting for Worship then, the Business Meeting has been postponed until the following week (8th April), since many Friends and Attenders will have family commitments over Easter.

Our Experiment with Light takes place in the library at 9:45 am on the second Sunday of the month (8th April).

There is also an evening Meeting for Worship in the library at 7-7.30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month (28th March / 25th April).

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